From offices in Houston, Texas and Oxford, England, TMSI handles multinational projects on a global basis. TMSI has completed projects for clients in Europe, North America, West Africa, the Middle East and S E Asia.  Some of the industries in which we have specialized expertise include offshore oil and gas, satellite communications, shipping, industrial, commercial and defence electronics, marine, aerial and terrestrial survey and mapping, global positioning, avionics, underwater vehicles and environmental services.

The examples below provide just a brief overview of the diversity of the market development projects we handle and the services we offer.

Client's Business Operations
Client Objectives
Services Provided
3D GIS and Data Visualization

United Kingdom
  Identify and obtain investment funding to develop and bring to market a unique research concept in 3D GIS data management for vessel traffic management applications on and below the water surface in the offshore [platforms] and marine markets [ports and harbours].  

Prepare a business plan to attract investment and establish the start-up company. Conduct initial market research into opportunities for the technology. Manage the development of the company and hold meetings with investors and venture partners. Market the product to industry. The company’s products achieved first sales within three years from start-up.

Aerial Laser Mapping (LIDAR) Services

United States

  Increased market penetration and the identification of niche markets.   After conducting extensive market research, including a comprehensive competitive analysis, TMSI identified a strategic alliance partner, and assisted in the execution of an agreement. TMSI then worked with both companies to create and implement a marketing plan.

Underwater Survey Services


  Introduction of new seabed mapping technologies to the U.S. market and the establishment of a US business.  

TMSI undertook market research and developed an effective strategic plan for the establishment of a US business. TMSI identified investors, procured office and workshop facilities and provided transitional sales, operations and management support.

Telecommunications Services


  Identification and valuation of niche markets for mobile communication products and services.  

Conducted market research into the current and potential markets for mobile communication services and identified a number of key industries offering low risk opportunities.

Aerial Mapping Services

United States

  Design and implementation of a strategic planning process. Identification of growth opportunities.   Developed five-year strategic plan. Evaluated business and produced detailed growth and profitability analysis. Produced competitive analysis and budgeting/sales forecasting process. Instigated alliance and acquisition strategies designed to increase market share and profitability

GIS Mapping Services

United States

  Increased market awareness.

  Designed, budgeted and implemented marketing plan to communicate the client's strategic objectives. TMSI created a new corporate identity and produced collateral sales material, Web site and trade show booth. TMSI also designed and produced a multimedia CD-ROM presentation.

Image Recognition Technologies


United Kingdom


Market Sector Development

  Research into new industrial and commercial markets and applications for technologies to be migrated from homeland security and defence market backgrounds.

Aerial Mapping


  Identify market opportunities

Market study on emerging opportunities in the European Aerial Mapping Market.

The Study included extensive research into customer needs, applications of aerial sensor technologies and data processing systems.

Offshore Engineering


  Market Research and Project Launch   Market investigation of offshore engineering and de-commissioning requirements leading to identifying source of revolutionary new technology and devising product launch marketing campaign

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